Friday, 9 September 2011

Even More Recent Work

A painting of a pear done in acrylic on canvas;

Afterwards a friend said it looks like the forever alone true.

Hair, make-up, photography and editing;

I've never really done much photography at all, so I'm not at all an expert or anything, but my good friend asked me to do these for her vintage shop, as she doesn't seem to have any other friends that like this kind of thing. You can see her shop with more of my photos here: (currently under construction)

In class the teacher wrapped stripey material around a mannequin head, we were then told to draw only the lines, and nothing else, here's what I ended up with, plus a little photoshop to make it all black and white, my work can get pretty messy with grey lead smudges everywhere !

A sketch of a shoe, in real life this thing is huge !

A painting, done with oil on canvas;

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